Ashi Acupuncture – the Textbook


Learn the Exact Needling Methods of the most common Ashi points that I’ve used daily for nearly two decades.

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Learn the Exact Needling Methods of the most common Ashi points that I’ve used daily for nearly two decades.

I’ve used Ashi acupuncture almost exclusively for decades and was disappointed that there were no books on this specialized form of acupuncture. Even books on trigger point injection don’t adequately detail the actual process of needling. These factors pushed me to write this book.

30 years of study and practice in the field of acupuncture, including studies in China and Korea, multi-year internships with senior practitioners–I’ve drawn on it all to fill this textbook.

I truly believe this book will shave years off of the time it would normally take to learn this incredible style of acupuncture.

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