Ashi Acupuncture – Medical not Mystical®

I want the public and practitioners to know that there are two types of acupuncture. Ashi style and “meridian” style. The ancient “bible” of acupuncture (The Huang Di Nei Jing Ling Shu) described the location, problems, and treatment of the “muscle” pathways. It describes ashi acupuncture as the proper treatment of muscular pain. Later M.D.’s independently developed trigger point injection therapy which is identical to ashi acupuncture except that sometimes medicine is injected into the areas. Now this incredibly effective technique is being used by more and more physical therapists and M.D.’s under the moniker “dry needling”.

If you want to learn a system of acupuncture that is anatomically based and that allows you to feel and know where to treat, I invite you to explore and connect through this website. If you are the type of person that likes a “nuts and bolts” approach, I believe you will find ashi style acupuncture a very rewarding way to practice.

I use the slogan Medical not Mystical® to differentiate ashi acupuncture from what I term “meridian” acupuncture. Ashi acupuncture is anatomically based and conforms to modern and ancient understandings of physiology. It is medical. The style of acupuncture most commonly practiced and taught in America is what, for lack of a better term, I call meridian acupuncture. It is based on the belief of a mystical energy “Qi” that flows in mystical conduits. Even though I believe that style is effective, I think that that understanding of “Qi” is a unique development of western practitioners based mainly on a dubious translation of “Qi” as energy. It is mystical.

If you believe Qi is some specific type of energy that science can’t find, I would pose some questions to you; what is Gu Qi (谷氣), Ying Qi (营氣), Zheng Qi (正氣), Kong Qi( 空氣)? Do you believe the ancient Chinese discovered and named some specific frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum “Qi”? Or did they use “Qi” as a catch all phrase to explain things that they didn’t have the scientific understanding to explain any other way? If you believe the former, this site isn’t for you and will probably tick you off! If you are at least open to learning a different perspective; that Chinese Medical concepts (at least many of the concepts) are in accordance with the modern understanding of physiology and anatomy, then I hope the information I present will benefit you and your patients.

Please join my google+ community and my facebook community to learn, interact, and help grow the knowledge base of ashi acupuncture. It is incredibly effective for the treatment of pain. Thank you!

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