Acupuncture Training – Sharon Sauer on Treating the Shoulder

Trigger point expert Sharon Sauer shares decades of experience on treating the most common type of shoulder pain she sees; pain in the front of the shoulder. She explains how this is commonly caused by trigger points in the infraspinatus muscle, introduces some range of motion tests to help determine if the infraspinatus is the cause, and which part of ...

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Acupuncture Training – David Legge on Treating the Shoulder

I interview David Legge, getting his thoughts on the concept of Qi and his valuable insights on treating the shoulder. About the Guest David Legge is an author and senior practitioner of acupuncture. He has made valuable contributions to the field with his books on treating musculoskeletal pain and on elucidating the concept of the Jingjin. Books by the Guest ...

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Interview With Tom Bisio on Treating the Shoulder

This is the first in my “Expert’s Interview” series. Tom Bisio author of numerous books including Tooth From a Tiger’s Mouth and Zheng Gu Tui Na: A Chinese Medical Massage Textbook shares his insights on treating shoulder pain with acupuncture and Tui Na, Chinese medical massage. You can learn more about Tom at his websites and    

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AJ Adamczyk Interview

In this episode, I interview AJ Adamczyk a successful acupuncturist in New Jersey. AJ uses electro acupuncture (EA) a lot in his practice with good results. He shares his insights and a protocol for sciatica. At one point, I also mention some of the “forbidden points” for pregnant women. For the interested reader, here are some links that call into ...

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Interview With Acupuncturist Jason Tutt

So glad I could get Jason Tutt of for this interview. In this video, we talk about the concept of Qi, apprenticing with a mentor, ashi acupuncture, trigger points, prolotherapy, scope of practice issues in Canada, and Jason’s website If you watch the video on the Ashi Acupuncture Youtube channel, you can click on the time links in ...

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Interview with acupuncturist – Michael Turk

This is my interview with my mentor Michael Turk who is a nationally known expert, author, and teacher. He lectures on the use of acupuncture, massage, and moxibustion to treat chronic pain and disability. Turk has taught natural healing for over 40 years and traditional Chinese medicine for over 30 years at California schools and international conferences. His easy-to-read book on acupressure ...

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