Acupuncture Training – Sharon Sauer on Treating the Shoulder

Trigger point expert Sharon Sauer shares decades of experience on treating the most common type of shoulder pain she sees; pain in the front of the shoulder. She explains how this is commonly caused by trigger points in the infraspinatus muscle, introduces some range of motion tests to help determine if the infraspinatus is the cause, and which part of the infraspinatus is most likely contributing to the pain.

About the Guest

Author and “grandmaster” of trigger points Sharon Sauer runs the Pain Free and Full Function clinic in Chicago Illinois. Sharon Sauer has studied with many of the pioneers in the field of trigger points; Janet Travell, David Simons, and Bonnie Prudden.

Sharon has recently started (Feb. 2nd 2016) a 47 week, entirely free, Bodyworkers Master Course. Visit the link to learn from Sharon from the comfort of your own home!

Books or Articles Mentioned

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