Acupuncture Haemothorax



Another article documenting an adverse effect of acupuncture has come out. This article describes a haemothorax that occured from acupuncture. So what’s the difference between a haemothorax and a pneumothorax? A haemothorax is a collection of blood in the plueral space vs a collection of air in the pleural space. The article mentions electro-acupuncture being used and also “intense manipulation.” The pain started after the intense manipulation, so that seems to be the main suspect. I would assume that during the intense manipulation that was performed at the “elevator scapula,” a blood vessel was repeatedly pierced and damaged. I cover what I consider to be a safe method to target the elevator scapula (aka levator scapula) in my upcoming book. Read the article so you can recognize the danger signs.

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