The Missing Key to Success?


Be a Great Acupuncture Clinician

Luckily nowadays there are many people that are giving great coaching advice on how to have a successful acupuncture practice. They are experts in marketing, goal setting, psychology, “inner game”, and “outer game”. Their advice is truly valuable, but there is a piece that is often overlooked or assumed to be in place already. That is clinical excellence.

 You can become a very financially successful practitioner by following the right marketing and sales plan. And you could still be a mediocre clinician. Again, I’m not saying that stuff isn’t valuable or shouldn’t be followed. But at the end of the day, are you only motivated by money? Or do you want to be a great clinician too?

 Of course many of the practice advice people want to convince you that you can only be successful with the right marketing plan and “systems”. Many of them will also admit that if you are an excellent clinician, people will beat a path to your door. The right marketing can really be a shortcut to financial success, but there really isn’t a shortcut to clinical excellence. Unless having a mentor is a shortcut, but even then it takes years of dedicated study and training under a great clinician.

 The bottom line is, study all the marketing stuff you can, work on your “inner game”, but also continually strive for clinical excellence. There is no substitute for it.